Code of Ethics

At Bendigo Gun Shop Smiths Outdoors, we hunt in accord with our Code of Ethics:

Ethical hunters obey a moral code and the laws of the land.

At all times, our primary concern is for the safety of other people.

Ethical hunters shoot for a clean and instantaneous kill.

Pest and population programs are humane and respectful.

We act to preserve native flora and fauna and prevent livestock loss.

Ethical hunters are concerned for wildlife and their supporting ecosystems.

Ethical hunters instil in others the same principles which guide our hunting practises.

Ethical hunters stand up to others when their behaviour is out of line.

We respect the sensitivities of others, and accept that all people should be free to express their views.

Ethical hunters always obtain permission from landowners before the hunt.

We access public and crown lands, mindful and respectful of their use by others.